Ebb Kickstarter

Ended 3/30/18


Trade the paper for cloth

Organic Cotton Coffee Filters


Ever since the first days of GDS, it's been our mission to build connections between fiber origin and finished product. Ebb will be our first product to create a transparent process from farm all the way into the homes of pourover coffee drinkers.

In March of 2018, we raised over $18K with our community's support–customers, clients, collaborators, neighbors, friends and family–to purchase the fabric we developed specifically for pourover and to expand our in-studio production. You too can be part of this journey by visiting us at farmer's markets, ordering filters online or simply following along as we create our first batch of seed to cup filters!

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Two weeks after our Kickstarter finished, we hit the road to visit the folks making our fabric. Here are some pictures from our trip.


"There is something wonderfully ineffable about coffee filtered with a flannel cloth. The technique is quite different than filtering through paper, and, in my opinion, a little trickier, but the result, especially in the texture of the finished product, has a luminosity which shines brighter and deeper than a well made paper-filtered coffee. Ebb cloth filters are the best I've tried in the united states, and I love that they are made from organically certified material."


james freeman

Founder and CPO, Blue Bottle Coffee


"Usually, cloth filters are gross—they're off putting, hard to maintain, and sort of fussy. But the Ebb filter is incredibly simple and easy. I take it with me when I travel, and it's made brewing on the road really straightforward. It's also beautifully stitched. I love sharing the craft of home coffee brewing and the wonderfully crafted tools that make coffee brewing alluring."



Founder, Boss Barista


"Ebb filters are quite possibly the most luxurious filter medium for brewing. The cloth transforms and transmits silken layers and autumnal textures to the cup. These filters have the potential to truly elevate a coffee. It is obvious that a great deal of thought and care have gone into this product."


Benjamin C. Brewer

Director of Quality Control, Blue Bottle Coffee


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