Custom Design


We think of aprons as clothing – because they are. When an apron is put on, it's like putting on a costume, transformation happens and the task becomes the main focus. Now imagine that this garment was made from cloth that creates little to no harm to the environment, that workers are paid well along the chain of production and that each piece is designed and sewn to reduce waste and to last a lifetime. This is our goal with every apron, always with a hint of the unexpected while still creating simple and practical designs. 




All-out custom

Your very own custom design.

It starts with a meeting to gather information followed by a design created just for you. An exclusive pattern is drafted for you to use time and time again. You choose from a selection of fabrics – selvedge denims, organic cotton, linen, hemp and more.





Choose from template designs.

Choose from a selection of staple apron designs and in-stock fabric choices to create aprons that are just for your business or event. Skip the design fee. This is a streamlined process meant to save time and keep those extra bucks in your pocket. 



Past custom Work

Our Custom Clients

Aesthetic Union

Agave Uptown


Bestowe Gifting

Case for making

Crown Nine

Chairs + Cups

Dandelion Chocolate

Four Barrel Coffee

Interval at The Long Now

Koeppel Designs

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Nico Restaurant

The Perish Trust

Three Babes Bakeshop

and more...

  Koeppel Design,  San Francisco

Koeppel Design, San Francisco

  Crown Nine , Oakland

Crown Nine, Oakland

  The Pe  rish Trust,  San Francisco

The Perish Trust, San Francisco

  Dandelion Chocolate , San Francisco

Dandelion Chocolate, San Francisco

  Three Babes Bakeshop , San Francisco,  image from Got Milk? campaign

Three Babes Bakeshop, San Francisco, image from Got Milk? campaign

  Four Barrel Coffee , San Francisco

Four Barrel Coffee, San Francisco