Fiber + textile education on a mission


Warp x Weft: Textile 101

fiber + textile course
for better living

This class details the process from fiber to textile and digs into terminology to improve our students' textile experience whether they are textile lovers already or needing a little help on a new venture. We begin by demystifying the major fiber types through an introduction to cotton, wool, silk, linen and their man-made counterparts. Next, we discuss woven fabrics vs. knit fabrics and how each of these are constructed. During the class students put together a useful swatch kit to reference in the future whenever a refresher is desired. This workshop is perfect for anyone wanting to improve their knowledge of textiles no matter the trade. Currently offered through Britex Fabrics in San Francisco.

Long Live Cloth

extending the life of fibers

Extend the life of textiles whether they are precious vintage finds, pieces sewn using favorite indie patterns, locally-made artisan garments or just pieces we've grown to love. Long Live Cloth is about reconnecting with our wardrobes, finding meaning in what we wear and respecting where our fibers and clothing come from. During the workshop, students learn how and why different fibers should be washed using slightly different methods and learn tips for home sewers and non-sewers alike. A zine, Long Live Cloth: a Care Manual will accompany this workshop giving participants the most important tool for garment care–knowledge! This workshop is currently offered through Britex Fabrics in San Francisco.

Textile Playground Loom

giant collapsable loom for
all age community weaving

The Textile Playground was created in June 2015 during our time as Guest Innovator at the Children's Creativity Museum in San Francisco. It is a textile education tool, an exploration in mobile public art and a living/growing community project. We are grateful for the museum's support and for the kind rope donation made by Great Western Power Company in Oakland, CA.

Textile Playground Loom can be dismantled and constructed in less than 30 minutes, therefore making it pretty easy to transport. It is available as a casual educational workshop/rental for a variety of events and ages. Rates vary depending on location (distance from Uptown Oakland). Please submit form below to learn more.

custom workshops + talks

collaborative + customized
to focus on key ideas

Have a team that would appreciate learning more about fibers, textiles, their relationships to consumerism, slow fashion, sustainable fabrics or ethical production? I've taught and given talks at museums, retail stores, private corporate events, schools and even public parks. Contact me to learn more.